Faster Insights

CPU Multicore - Eight CPU cores or sixty four, Viewer uses all of them everywhere for true parallel computation and parallel speed.


Easy to Use

Effortless Power - Viewer is a free subset of Manifold Release 9, Manifold's intensely powerful, automatically parallel GIS for DBMS and GIS work.


All Formats

Hundreds of Choices - See and use data from many sources at once using hundreds of file formats, DBMS servers and web servers.

More Than a Viewer

Manifold Viewer is a read-only subset of Manifold Release 9, Manifold's new GIS that blends geospatial and traditional data capabilities within a single, all-inclusive GIS product. Although Viewer cannot write projects or save edited data back out to the original data sources, Viewer provides phenomenal capability to view and to analyze almost all possible different types of data in tables, vector geometry, raster data, drawings, maps and images from thousands of different sources. Viewer can open multiple sources at once to blend, extract, transform, analyze, validate, visualize and explore your data. Viewer retains many of Release 9's abilities to transform data and combine it with other data sets for visualization. Viewer's huge capacity and speed - hundreds of GB on your desktop, will keep up with the fastest Enterprise DBMS and run ahead of all others. Manifold Viewer is built on the Release 9 engine so Viewer retains Release 9 parallel CPU speed and Release 9 parallel SQL.

See the YouTube Videos showing Manifold Viewer in action.

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Point and Click

Easy Wizardry - Automatic templates deliver data engineering genius for spatial and non-spatial data in tables, imagery, vector geometry and more. Many Release 9 templates are retained within Viewer.

Spatial SQL

Infinite Power - By far the world's most sophisticated and powerful Spatial SQL, so breathtakingly strong that even with non-spatial data it exceeds older SQL engines. Viewer provides full Release 9 SQL.

Every Source

Have it All - Viewer can connect to all of the data sources Release 9 understands, including enterprise DBMS like Oracle, web servers like OSM WMS, Bing, Google and ArcREST, all of GDAL/OGR and hundreds more.

Enjoy Parallel Power in a Massively Useful, Free Tool

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Runs Forever

Viewer runs forever: it is not a limited trial, nagware or full of advertising spam. Viewer can connect to all the other software that Release 9 can, just read-only, and you can fire up SQL for massive analytics. You can even open Release 9 projects many levels deep, or open hundreds of other formats.

Online User Manual

Manifold Viewer uses the Release 9 user manual, with hundreds of lavishly illustrated topics and step-by-step examples. When reading the Release 9 manual keep in mind Viewer is a subset of Release 9: Viewer is read-only and Viewer does not have many key capabilities a paid Release 9 licence provides. Viewer is still cool.

Feel at Home

Use Release 9 localization files for your language! Create and share files for new languages. 


Manifold Viewer is a subset of Manifold Release 9: Viewer is slower than Release 9, and Viewer is view-only / read-only, Viewer cannot save projects and Viewer cannot write or export data to any format or link data sources in read/write mode. Viewer can display, but not edit, files such as shapefiles. Viewer can browse and analyze, but not modify, databases. Viewer provides fully CPU parallel SQL, but without GPU parallel supercomputer speed.

Viewer is built on Release 9 so improvements to Release 9, like new formats, will improve Viewer. Release 9 users can publish huge data in astonishingly fast Release 9 format that Viewer will instantly pop open for anyone. Viewer delivers amazing performance and outstanding usefulness for anyone working with GIS, spatial data, enterprise DBMS or just wanting to connect to the world of rich data around us.

Compared to Release 9

  • View only / Read only.
  • No saves of projects.
  • No exports to any format.
  • No ODBC connection to Viewer.
  • No scripting and no add-ins.
  • No GPU parallelism.
  • Slower performance.
  • Read-only for all data sources.
  • No technical support.

Special Offers

Save on Release 9! Manifold special offers end at midnight GMT on 31 January 2018:

Radian Studio licensees: Cutting Edge builds issued before Release 9 will time out soon. A Release 9 serial number will be required for all new Cutting Edge builds, including the current Release 9 Edge build. Release 9 Universal is a superset of Radian Studio with hundreds of more features and capabilities than Radian Studio. See the Recent Additions page for a partial list. Upgrade to 9 now to retain access to the latest and greatest capabilities at the lowest possible price.

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