Installation and Activation

Please review the Installations topic to learn about different Radian installation packages before proceeding.  This topic covers conventional Windows installations using an .exe file, either for 32-bit or for 64-bit Windows systems.   This topic does not cover the use of portable installations, which are for developers and technically expert users only.


To install Radian from an .exe file begin by downloading the installation file from the Product Downloads page on the Manifold web site.   This example uses a typical Radian installation file.  Installation of Manifold Viewer will be nearly identical.   This topic uses Windows 10.  Earlier Windows editions may be slightly different.


Important: Installation files do not contain viruses.  Each file is published with an SHA1 checksum that you can use to verify the file you download is virus-free.   See the Using SHA Checksums topic for step by step instructions on how to verify an SHA1 checksum.


Uninstall any prior installation before installing a new Radian Studio installation. If Windows Installer reports any problems, read the  Windows Installer Problems page for advice.


After installing, save the .exe file for future use.  Do not delete it. Windows may need it some day to uninstall or to repair an installation.


Double-click the .exe file to begin installation.    Windows 10 may complain:




Press the More info link and then press the Run anyway button.




Press the Run anyway button.


On other systems Windows may complain in a different way:




Ignore the warning (we can always check the SHA values to make sure the installation files have not been altered since publication by Manifold) and press Run.


That launches the Radian installation dialogs, a standard set of dialogs for .exe file installations like those used by Visual Studio redistributable files.   Radian and Manifold Viewer use .exe style installation dialogs to enable installation of the Visual C++ Redistributable files automatically if they have not yet been installed on the Windows machine in use.


Installation dialogs are obvious and are almost identical for both Radian and Manifold Viewer:





Read the EULA and then check the I accept the terms in the License Agreement box.  Press Install.


Windows thinks for a few seconds and then will pop open a confirmation box (not illustrated) that asks confirmation whether we wish to allow this new application to make changes to our system.  Press Yes.




The installation will proceed automatically, installing the Visual C++ Redistributable if necessary and then installing Radian.  When it is finished, press Close.  Radian is now installed.



Manifold Viewer is a free product that does not require activation.    Radian must be activated to enable a license.  If you do not have a valid Radian serial number with activations remaining the product cannot be activated.   Before activating, find and open the serial number email that provided your Radian serial number.  We will need it to copy the serial number so we can paste the serial number into the dialog.  


For activation, Radian must be launched as administrator. Click the Windows Start button and then right-click on the Radian Studio icon...







... or drill down into your apps within the Manifold 9.0 heading and right-click  onto the Radian studio entry...






And then choose More > Run as administrator.


When an installation of Radian that has not yet been activated is run, the Activation dialog automatically pops open.




Find the email message that sent us our serial number.   Open it and copy the serial number for Radian from the serial number.




We make sure that the entire serial number is copied and that we copy the Radian serial number and not some other product serial number if we have procured more than one product.  





We paste the serial number into the Serial number box and then we press the Get Activation Key via the Web button.   We must be connected to Internet for this operation.


If not connected to the web or if something blocks Radian's access to the activation web site  an error message advising that Activation servers cannot be reached will appear.  In that case, use manual activation as discussed at length in the Activation Keys and Serial Numbers topic in the Release 8 manual.





Radian pops open a dialog to be sure we want to fetch an activation key.  Press OK.  




After a few seconds (be patient) an Activation key appears.   Press Accept.


Radian will now launch.   Before using Radian please review the short Read Me First topic.   


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