Contents Pane

The View - Panes - Contents pane displays controls and information for whatever is the active window, automatically adjusting to whatever is the current tab (if any) within the current window.




The Component display reports information for the active layer or window such as the projection (coordinate system) for the component.  When a map has the focus the Component display will report projection information for the map as well as for the active layer within that map.  


Clicking on a component shown in the Component display will switch to that component in the Project pane.


Coordinate Systems / Projections


The Contents pane is our primary interface for seeing the coordinate systems assigned to components and to edit those coordinate systems.  In Manifold, the terms "projection" and "coordinate system" are synonyms and are used interchangeably.


Modern formats and data sources that are well-designed for spatial data will automatically specify the coordinate system to be used for the data they provide.  When we import or link from such modern formats or sources, drawings and images will appear in Manifold with the correct coordinate system automatically assigned.  We can then use them in our workflow without worrying about the projection they use.  They will appear in the right places in maps with other layers, we can re-project them if we like and so on.  The coordinate system they use will appear in the Contents pane using normal, black text to indicate the coordinate system has been automatically specified by the format or data source.


Older formats and data sources or those which are poorly-designed for spatial data, such as CAD formats, often will not specify the coordinate system to be used for the data they provide, or they will do so in an incomplete way.  When Manifold brings in such data it will assign the default coordinate system, WGS 84 / Pseudo-Mercator (EPSG:3857), as a placeholder, and will use red text in the Contents pane to indicate the coordinate system must be manually specified before that data can be used.


We use the Contents pane for three key activities involving coordinate systems:





For a step-by-step illustrated example using the Assign Initial Coordinate System command, see the Example: Assign Initial Coordinate System topic.


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Example: Assign Initial Coordinate System - Use the Contents pane to manually assign an initial coordinate system when importing from a format that does not specify the coordinate system.


Example: Change Projection of an Image - Use the Change Coordinate System command to change the projection of an image, raster data showing terrain elevations in a region of Florida, from Latitude / Longitude to Orthographic centered on Florida.