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Save on Release 9! Manifold special offers end at midnight GMT on 31 January 2018:

  • Buy Manifold 9 Universal before 31 January 2018 and get a $250 discount off the regular price of $595 for a total price of only $345. Your Release 9 Universal license runs 64 bits and 32 bits and never expires, allowing immediate use of Manifold Release 9 Pre-release builds, all Release 9 Cutting Edge builds and all Release 9 production builds at Universal level now and in the future.
  • Buy the two product bundle of Manifold 9 Universal plus Manifold 8.00 Universal x64 before 31 January 2018 and get a $295 discount off the regular, combined price of $840 for a total price of only $545.
  • Trade in an unbundled Radian Studio serial number on a Manifold 9 Universal license before 31 January 2018 and save $470 off the regular price of $595 for a total price of only $125.
  • Acquired your Radian Studio license in a bundle with Release 8.00 Universal? Trade in a bundled Radian Studio serial number on a Manifold 9 Universal plus Manifold 8.00 Universal x64 bundle before 31 January 2018 to acquire the bundle for a total price of only $125. The new Release 9 license will replace your old Radian Studio license, and the new Release 8.00 Universal license will replace the old Release 8.00 Universal license.

Radian Studio licensees: Cutting Edge builds issued before Release 9 will time out soon. A Release 9 serial number will be required for all new Cutting Edge builds, including the current Release 9 Edge build. Release 9 Universal is a superset of Radian Studio with hundreds of more features and capabilities than Radian Studio. See the Recent Additions page for a partial list. Upgrade to 9 now to retain access to the latest and greatest capabilities at the lowest possible price.

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Factory Direct Sales

I love the Online Store!

Order Manifold® products with immediate email delivery of serial numbers, 24 hours a day and 365 days per year. The Manifold Online Store is the factory direct sales outlet operated by Manifold Software Limited, the creator of Manifold and Radian brand products.

The Online Store is designed for professionals. Amateur users who feel comfortable with a professional transaction may also use the Online Store to buy factory direct.

Exceptional Security

Manifold uses the PayDollar / AsiaPay network for credit card transaction processing using the highest commercially available encryption technology: 128-bit SSL encryption using Extended Verification (EV) certification. The Online Store utilizes secure authentication provided by Verified by VISA and MasterCard SecureCode for exceptionally high security.

Important: If you do not have a Visa card enrolled in Verified by Visa or a MasterCard enrolled in MasterCard SecureCode you will not be able to use the Online Store. For any problems or questions see the Online Store FAQ.

How to Buy Direct

If a professional transaction is right for you, the Manifold Online Store provides factory-direct, wholesale pricing even for quantity one purchases. Customers who require retail, consumer services should buy through a reseller.

  • If you have any difficulty ordering DO NOT PLACE MULTIPLE ORDERS to try to resolve a problem - Multiple orders are not refundable. Instead, please contact for assistance.
  • The Online Store charges no tax: no sales tax, no VAT and no customs fees.
  • The Online Store makes no reports to governments anywhere. If you require special paperwork or reporting to governments, please purchase through a reseller.
  • Products are downloaded - no shipping fees are charged.
  • If you are not familiar with Manifold products please visit the Products page for a complete list of products as well as information on upgrade credits. Please visit the What to Buy page for useful advice on which product to choose.
  • The Online Store encrypts all shopping transactions using 128-bit SSL security with EV (Extended Validation) SSL certification for extra security. See the Online Store Privacy page for details.
  • During checkout the Online Store will launch a PayDollar window for secure entry of credit card information. To assure confidentiality, Manifold does not see, handle or store your credit card information. Your card information goes directly from you into the secure payment processing system.
  • Manifold requires Verified by Visa or MasterCard SecureCode to provide maximum security. If you have not already enrolled your credit card, please enroll your Visa card or MasterCard into Verified by Visa or MasterCard SecureCode for use on the Online Store. During check out, the PayDollar site will launch the Verified by Visa or MasterCard SecureCode verification dialog for your approval.
  • The serial number required for your license will be emailed to you immediately after payment and an invoice will be emailed to you as well. Dates in your invoice and serial number emails use day/month/year international style. All times are GMT times.
  • Important: Please provide a valid email address for your order that will not block emails from and email addresses. Please double-check your email address to avoid typographic errors. If you have not received your emails within an hour after ordering, please check if your email system has set them aside in a spam or junk email folder. Also check the Email Problems page.
  • You may download installation files for your products from the Product Downloads page at any time. You do not need a serial number to download installation files but you will need a valid serial number to use your licenses.
  • Please click the Begin Shopping button below to visit the secure Manifold Software Limited Online Store site and place an order.

No Refunds

Factory direct sales provide low prices but no refunds. Factory-direct pricing is only for people who want the lowest possible price direct from Manifold and who either know what they want or are willing to pay a small fee to learn about new software.

Two Ways to Buy

Professional Prices: Manifold provides professional, factory direct prices even for single unit transactions on the Online Store. Professional transaction terms apply: no refunds, no free pre-sales consultation and no free technical support is bundled into the price.

Consumer Services: If you require consumer services such as pre-sales consultation, training or payment or refund options, please purchase through a reseller. You should, of course, expect to pay the reseller a higher price to compensate the reseller for services provided.

Evaluation Options

Release 9: Not sure if Manifold Release 9 is right for you? Try the free Manifold Viewer to get a hands-on look at Release 9 technology. Viewer is read-only but otherwise includes all Release 9 features for massively powerful viewing, GIS workflow, SQL and analytics.

Release 8: If you are not sure Manifold Release 8 is right for you, try the 30 Day Lease of Release 8 Universal x64 for only $95. See the Products page for information on the 30 Day Lease product. Factory direct Manifold prices are so low you might consider licensing Release 8 Personal x64 Edition for only $95 and taking it from there. It will amaze you in terms of what truly extraordinary software can do and the license is permanent, not a 30 day lease. Spending so little and getting so much it is hard to go wrong.

Terms and Licensing

Manifold software products are licensed, not sold. By ordering from the Online Store you agree to the Terms and Conditions of Sale and the End User License Agreement. Please also review the Licensing page for an important overview of licensing.

Tech Support by Email

Factory direct prices do not include free technical support. Manifold provides technical support by email, charging a small fee for each incident of technical support. See the Support page for details, including information on using the two free support tokens provided to Manifold System licensees.

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High Risk Countries - The Online Store does not accept credit cards originating in countries designated as "high risk" countries by the Visa and MasterCard networks. High risk countries include Bulgaria, Cameroon, the Dominican Republic, Egypt, Ghana, Gambia, Indonesia, Iran, Kenya, Lithuania, Morocco, Nigeria, Pakistan, Romania, Ukraine, Vietnam and Yugoslavia. Contact Manifold for wire transfer pre-payment if you wish to order from those countries.

Navigation problems? - The Online Store makes mild use of cookies to assist accurate navigation within the store. Turning cookies off will interrupt the order process. IE users should have cookies enabled and cookie levels set at least to medium (the IE default) or less. No user privacy is compromised by the store's use of cookies. See the Online Store Privacy page for details.

Questions? - Please contact us at We would like you to be happy with your licensing of Manifold products, so please do not hesitate to ask any questions before placing an order.


Suggestions to improve Manifold are always welcome. Please see the Suggestions page for tips on making effective suggestions.

Total Security

The Manifold Online Store uses 128-bit SSL security with Extended Verification - issued only after in-person audits that verify the company's identity, actual physical location, corporate status and ownership of the site.

About Manifold

Manifold products deliver quality, performance and value in the world's most sophisticated, most modern and most powerful spatial engineering products. Total integration ensures unbeatably low cost of ownership. Tell your friends!